Goodbye for now…

Swims and goodbye lunch with our dear friends in Nongyasai…

Khun Get’s very first day in the water! He was a bit uncertain at first:

He liked it warm, in the corner of the pool where the solar heater delivers its product:

Goodbye, bees! They’ve relocated to a banana palm, on whim of the queen:

Driving through central Suphanburi Province, I’m reminded how it is not known for its stunning natural beauty and breathtaking vistas. Its the people we love; the landscape is … well, meh:

Carbon footprint

Our entire upcoming trip will total 26,312 air miles. At ~0.44 pounds of CO2 generated per passenger mile, this will create 6 tons of carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint for this trip weighs almost as much as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

If these calculations survive under the gimlet-eye of our friend Sean (who knows about such things), we’ll purchase carbon offsets from Terrapass when we get home. Sean, use the Comments, okay?

Ice in trees (น้ำแข็งในต้นไม้)

Surely, ice in trees is a strange concept for our friends who’ve lived in Thailand all their lives. Yes, Thai friends, nahm-keng is not just for refreshing iced coffee drinks. During winter there can be a cold rain that freezes as soon as it hits even the smallest branches on the trees. Here are น้ำแข็งในต้นไม้ photos we took when driving back from the hospital, about 100 miles/160 km from our home. Yes, it looks dreary and bleak.