Living global climate change


Rice fields in our province haven’t even been planted this year; there’s no point wasting seeds in beige dust.

“Thailand is the home to 65 million people, the majority of whom live in rural, agricultural areas.  The country is the world’s largest exporter of rice, and is often called ‘the rice bowl of Asia.’  Agriculture employs 49% of the population and contributes 10% of GDP.  Tourism and fisheries abound on Thailand’s 3,200 kilometers of coastline and play important roles in the economy, providing 6% of GDP and a livelihood to 10% of the population. Climate change threatens all three important sectors of Thailand’s economy: agriculture, tourism, and trade … [t]he effects of climate change, including higher surface temperatures, floods, droughts, severe storms and sea level rise, put Thailand’s rice crops at risk and threaten to submerge Bangkok within 20 years …”[1]


[1] Kisner, Corinne, “Climate Change in Thailand: Impacts and Adaptation Strategies”, Climate Institute, July 2008. Viewed online at 

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