Our landlords’ family is as warm and welcoming as it is huge. We gathered for the traditional Songkran ap nam muah kawng  puthao– washing the hands of the elderly. The eldest of the old sat in a row and we gently exchanged touches to the hands and face, rinsing with water. Then, surprise, since Paul and I are so much older … people started to ritually wash OUR hands. We are the puthao, there is no denying it!

We had a couple of really sweet experiences at the neighborhood Wat, where our neighbors/family guided us through the ritual showing of respect for the monks. No pictures are available of this, since we didn’t see anyone else taking pics (and people are always taking cellphone selfies whenever it’s possible). Then there was food, and everyone made certain we were treated right. 

Saturday was the last day of Sonkran, and we biked in to Nongyasai for the water-spashing festival. The best part, when we toodled our bikes slowly down the parade route and got spashed and had white stuff painted on our faces by lovely, smiling people, will have to reside in our memories and your imagination — our phones were sealed up in plastic bags. Here are a few we took before we joined-in.


  Wednesday we visited Suphanburi, where Paul’s office dragged a heavy float around for hours in the heat. Not us: my boss took us to a restaurant overlooking the parade route. 



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