Doem Bang Nang Buat

DBNB is our new favorite town. I was studiously building lesson plans when my wonderful Paw Aw whisked me away for lunch.

There are hills on the way to DBNB. I found this geology strangely exciting after having lived on tabletop-flat land for months.

Wats are built on all of the hills; this should come as no surprise.

Buildings are two, sometimes THREE stories in height!

It’s not like a streetcorner in Paris, but if you squint really hard … well, it still doesn’t look like Paris.

Most fabulously, it has restaurants AND A COFFEE SHOP where you can go inside and enjoy air conditioning. Speaking as an old man who for months has had to ride a bike for a half hour in hundred degree heat just to find a town where the only table service is outside in the dirt under a hot corrugated tin roof … well, the gracious amenity of indoor, cool dining seemed too good to be true.

Dr. Surong enjoyed a foofy rasberry drink …

…a cappuchino yen for me. The afternoon made me happy. Thanks, Dr. Surong!

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