The triumphal return of water

Living on the scorched prairie during the hot season while being fried by global warming … well, there’s little color except the white-hot sun and the tawny beige of dead grass as far as the eye can see. Which isn’t very far because dust obscures the long view. So when rainy season begins, it’s a triumph! And the return of water this month coincided with filling the pool: a double triumph.


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Wat arches

Covered in gilt paint and mirrors, ornamental arches like this take a year or more to build. They adorn roadways that lead to temples. Twenty or so are being built on roads in our area, Kanchanaburi and on the roads to Bangkok, maybe having something to do with the Traditional Thai Values politicians who dominate in government right now.

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Many moons …

… have slipped over the horizon since this photo was made. Thanks for the memory, David!

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Greater Nongyasai Metropolitan Area (note one-seater hovercraft on roadway)

Our neighborhood

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