Oh boy! friends visiting! [UPDATED 12 October]

Dear friends, we are excited to welcome you to Thailand to visit us!

Most people will want to meet us in Bangkok, where we can see the sights and eat in actual restaurants. A few hardy souls — some may say insane — will want to visit at our site — but amenities at our home are few. There is no transportation other than our two bicycles. Our living area has a suede(-ish) sofa that can be outfitted with a twin-bed-sized mosquito net. We have fans in that area, but no AC. Unusually, we have a Western-style toilet, which beats squat toilets all to hell. And we have cold running water. There is rice growing in wet season and dirt blowing in dry season. There are no tourist sights, no restaurants, and it is not easy to obtain food. (If you’re happy to eat pork that’s been covered with flies while sitting in the sun at the local market, you’ll be in heaven … but people with other dietary preferences may be disappointed).  All this is pretty predictable: if it were fabulous here, they wouldn’t need us!

So, please take a look at the schedule below and book that airfare now! Let us know when you’d like to visit, and we’ll update it:


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