Some teachers use sticks. We use stickers.

Our students have a lot of unsupervised time in their classrooms. By the time my co-teachers and I show up with computers and class materials in tow, the kids are petty amped-up. They’re climbing on desks, they’re climbing out of the windows. In the past they’ve been hard to calm down because they know we won’t hit them with bamboo sticks, like their other teachers do. 

Instead, I walk into the classroom with a tiny sticker on each index finger. The stickers have little cartoony images on them, like Minions or the Donkey from Shrek. I tell them: “I have stickers for the first two students who’re sitting in their seats, quiet, with their hands folded.” And that’s exactly what they do, in about two seconds. This adds another five minutes to the learning part of our hour with them! They looooove it, and they love getting more stickers throughout the hour as we catch them doing well. 

On our last trip to Bangkok, we found laser-printer feed labels, little round ones, and during bpit term we will find images online to print on them! 

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