Coffee Lover

Thailand is coffee country! It’s grown in many areas and people take pride in a beautiful cup of java. As Paul shows in this photo, your latte will arrive with a meticulously-created pattern in the froth. And the coffee is strong and fresh. 

At the other extreme is popularity of many instant “3-in-1” brands that are highly sugared and flavored. 

Work sites are all different. In our community there are no stores or shops of any sort. But within a 10km bike ride there are three excellent coffee shops. No beans, though. I stock up on beans in Bangkok, 2 1/2 hours’ drive away (Can’t buy too much at one time — at well over 100 degrees F consistently during the hot season, beans get rancid fast). With a Blissli hand grinder, an Aerocino press and a cheap battery-powered frother, my morning cup is consistently superb.

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  1. So nice to see your pictures and to hear your stories. I think about the two of you all the time and i will share this with Terry the next time I go over to his house.

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