Nippy no more? 

Nippy water in the pool — no more? It’s cold season here in central Thailand, which means that when I went for a early run the other day, my students waved from their scooters wearing heavy mittens and stocking caps. The temperature had plunged to 78 degrees F. Sometimes it dips down to 74.

Of course, the pool is unheated. The temperature at 8:30 am daily is about 82 — ideal for lap swimmers, not so good for skinny little kids. Both the kids and the instructors are trembling by the end of each lesson.

There’s a handy south-facing roof, though, so we began discussing a proof-of-concept test to see just what temperatures we can expect from sun-warmed water:

The pool owners were all-in, wanting to skip the POC phase. They got an engineering consult to determine how much water weight the roof can support, and they already have painted flat black many lengths of  pipe with a plan to begin mounting them on the roof right away. I expect there will be some adjustments of flow rate relative to a particular day’s solar gain, but we can work through that. I think it’ll work, especially when the massive concrete and tile heat sink warms up a few degrees over the next month or so.

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