The gra-dings are back!

The ever-popular gra-dings (กระดิ่ง) disappeared a couple of months ago, so last weekend’s excursion to Bangkok included a trip to the housewares store where we picked up a small plastic cutting board, a drill bit and some cable ties along with new gra-dings.

Now it’s one solid package to carry between classrooms. There are two teams, and each team’s player rings the bell when they can speak the word we flash at them. 

The fastest student then gets to progress to the Jeopardy board, where they must choose from four sentences ( e.g., ” this is my chin and this is my shin” or “there is a fan in my van”) to identify the column, and one of four colors to identify the row. Their pro unciation must be perfect! Then they select a slip of paper from the board and the hidden number on it gives their team points. 

It seems over-elaborate, I know. But if younspend 10 minutes watching a Thai game show, it will all make sense.

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