Our American family in our village for Songkran!

Bill and Brian felt the love, even though there was no dancing in the back of pickup trucks this year (as the nation is still in mourning for King Bhumibol). But the rest of the Songkran party agenda remained similar to last year’s Songkran celebration in Nongyasai — music, throwing water, and stroking each others’ faces with wettened talcum powder. There are only a few photos taken during the event because most didn’t work out to well as my phone was in a wet plastic bag smeared with powder!By the way, our Thai friends just don’t know what to make of Americans’ affection for dogs. To pose for a picture with a dog causes bewilderment and bemusement. It is my guess that a Buddhist view of dogs has something to do woth the belief in reincarnation — the dog may, after all, be the reincarnation of Uncle Roger, who led a dissolute life and now is struggling through a doggy one in his attempt to return to a higher form. 

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One thought on “Our American family in our village for Songkran!”

  1. So happy to know Bill and Brian came to your home!!! And, even better that the visit coincided with the water festival. Looks like a warm and super fun day. Memories for always for sure. Very interested to hear what they thought and how you and Paul feel after having MN home come to you.

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