Good morning, Nong Pho!

Siiang dtam sai roughly translates to “noise over wires” and describes our quotidian melánge of music, announcements, prices and hot events (like our swimming programs). The abrupt wakeup peeved me mightily for a long time, as I found it unpleasant to be slapped out of deep slumber at 4:45 AM, seven days a week.

But not everyone who lives in rural areas can read Thai, so there’s really no way to effectively get the word out except with noise over wires. Realizing this made me a bit more patient, but not patient enough to be able to peacefully tolerate the daily wakeup call. We planned to move to move to Nongyasai, where our friends with the pool had a house they could rent to us.

Not wanting to hurt our landlord’s feelings, we told them we planned to move, and why. The next morning … no siiang dtam sai. Squinting up at the utility pole 20 metes from our bedroom window, it appeared that the wire to the bullhorn had been cut. Well! we thought, that’s a pretty nifty solution!

A month later the noise returned, but muted. The bullhorn had been moved down the highway — now about 175 meters away. And the noise over wires guy waits till 5:15 or 5:30 to fire it up. Perfect. We can sleep now, and people can hear the morning music and announcements. Eveybody’s happy. 

I made this clip before the change:

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