Rice farming the Suphanburi way!

  1. Flood the field to soften it up
  2. Drain it
  3. Plow it under
  4. Flood it again
  5. Drive the clodbuster around (shown) 
  6. Drag it with a heavy pipe till it’s smooth and flat as a tabletop
  7. Drain it
  8. Let it dry out a bit
  9. Flood it again
  10. Seed it by either walking aroud broadcasting seeds from a bag of rice on your back, or blow it by using a modified leaf blower
  11. Drain it again till the rice germinates
  12. Flood it again
  13. Wait 90 days till rice is golden and dangles
  14. Harvest
  15. Burn off the chaff
  16. Repeat
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