A morning walk in Luang Prabang, Laos

And then, lunch.

​​Coffee break with an overlook of the confluence of the mighty Mekong and Nam Khan rivers.Anti-aircraft guns atop the city’s tallest hill. The Chinese used Laos as a route to supply the North Vietnamese. Much of Lao is still off-limits because of the uncountable tons of US land mines still in the soil.

For lunch, we splurgrd at a vegan place. That’s bee pollen:

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I hate Maw Fun day

The Maw Fun is the dentist, หมอฟัน. He arrives in an ambulance-like vehicle once a semester and starts pulling teeth. Lots of teeth. The guy loves his pliers. Kids walk around the school for the rest of the day with bloody gauze stuffed in their mouths. It’s not necessarily because the Maw Fun us a sadist: many of our students have terrible teeth. Maybe it has to do with prenatal nutrition problems, maybe a diet filled with too much sugar. Maybe both. 

Maw Fun day is no fun.

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