Another SNAAAAAAAAKE! [Updated]

This one just a few ounces shy of snake jerky. I will buy a beer for anyone using the Comments section below to correctly identify this creature. It looks lethal, but who knows?

There is some suggestion that this may be a Banded Krait, shown here in a somewhat healthier state:


Researching toxicity, I came across this description of the venom produced by a Yellow-banded Krait:

Venom Toxicity: Very toxic. Deadly. This yellow/black banded krait from Thailand appears to have venom that is very toxic to humans. The typical LD-50 studies to assess the toxicity of venom in mice, rate this as a very toxic venom as well. These snakes rarely bite during the day, but if they do, they can transfer enough venom to kill you. I read about a person dying in 30 minutes, and another dying in 15 hours. A famous American herpetologist, Joe Slowinski, was killed by a baby krait (Bungarus multicinctus) in Burma while on a remote expedition. They can be quite deadly. The cause of death is that your muscles are paralyzed and your diaphragm can’t work any longer to pull oxygen into your lungs. Kraits are very deadly in this regard. However, if you are able to get to a hospital with a ventilator you will likely be OK. There is no specific antivenin for snake bites from this snake, but polyvalent venom is used – which can also treat bites from Naja kaouthia and Ophiophagus hannah.

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  1. Why of course, it must be the common Stayawayfromme snake. Totally dangerous. After only one website view trying to find this name, I am totally freaked about Thai snakes.

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