Mondays! That was then. This is now.


  • Monday mornings were a struggle because the courtroom holding cell was jam-packed with unhappy, fragrant drunks and sullen woman-beaters who’d been locked-up over the weekend. No matter how many defendants the criminal court sausage-machine had to process, the other lawyers and I knew the judge would start getting nasty if pursuing justice might jeopardize lunchtime (or the afternoon tee-time).


  • Monday mornings start with 15 bright and happy Anuban kids!

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One thought on “Mondays! That was then. This is now.”

  1. Appreciate your reflection. Ooo the Anuban students! Can I say, I’m living the reverse. Back into the 6:30 wakeup, exercise, commute, and Go Go until 9pm life. Living in the moments, right!

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