As he bicycled to his school, Paul stopped to take a picture of me at mine. The flag was going up to the tune of the Thai National Anthem. Just about every day I go out to stand with our students to show respect for the country and its flag. I reflect on how extraordinary it is that the government here has invited us to work here for 27 months. I reflect upon what patriotism means, how America’s moral authority in the world has collapsed, and whether I feel patriotic about my own country anymore. It’s a daily Be Here Now moment, knowing that time is fleeting and this will soon be a memory.

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2 thoughts on “Flag-up”

  1. Rote patriotism events can’t be underestimated in their lasting effects but neither can they alone sustain the questioning mind when intellectual maturity arrives. Events and action by a government or civil society are what counts in the end.

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