Listening to Mr. Hiệu talk about the War

The conflict which we in the US refer to as the Vietnam War is described by our Vietnamese friends as the American War of Imperialist Aggression. Hiệu, our guide on the journey from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay, spoke of the total tonnage of bombs dropped by American B52 Superfortresses on his country (7.8 million) the bomb weight per capita (43 kilograms), the total gallons of Agent Orange sprayed by American aircraft between 1961 and 1971 (18.2 million), and the ratio of food provided to John McCain while imprisoned in the Ha Noi Hilton compared to food available to average citizens in Viet Nam at the time (4:1). Also, John Kennedy died of cancer in 1963, an event that could be considered by Buddhists to be karmic.

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