Bee business

These stinky Maxi-Pads are soaked with toxins intended to kill Varroa mites … they’re hard on the bees, though:

The metal grate is the Queen Excluder. The space between the metal bars is slightly smaller than the Queen’s butt. This means she can freely meander around the lower boxes and deposit her eggs in cells, but she cannot get into the Honey Supers — the penthouse where honey remains free of eggs. Last fall our Honey Supers yielded 13 1/2 gallons of golden, egg-free goo.

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Under what circumstances should little kids be separated from their moms and dads at the border? When should those children be detained in metal cages? Unbelievably, the imbecile Trump and his christian bible-quoting attorney general believe this is okay. A thousand Minnesotans gathered in our neighborhood today to object.

A footnote: our Thai friends are prohibited by law from criticizing their government. In America — despite our current, shameful leadership problems — we’re proud that the right to protest is protected by our Constitution.

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Some bugs

We plant milkweed every year to encourage Monarchs, but this one was on her last legs. The dragonflies were just completing mortal combat, with the one on top sucking the guts out of his victim.

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