An open letter to Rep. Ilhan Omar

Dear Representative Omar:

Please accept my congratulations upon your election to the US House of Representatives. I wish you the greatest success and offer whatever help I can provide.

As your constituent, I ask for your thoughts.

Recently, Rep. Nancy Pelosi suggested that the newly-empowered Democratic majority in the House has a duty to “find common ground” with the Republicans in Congress who have supported what many believe to be an unprecedentedly corrupt administration.

Please respond to those of us who believe that it is not possible to find common ground with those who have fostered the amorality of Trumpism.

  • Do you support Rep. Pelosi’s bid to serve as Speaker of the House? Or do you support a different candidate for Speaker? If so, who do you support?
  • Do you believe (as I clearly do!) that the role of newly-empowered Democrats is to ensure the Mueller investigation is protected so it can come to its own full and fair conclusions? Do you believe that if the Mueller investigation produces credible proof of impeachable behavior that the House should commence impeachment hearings against the President?

On another matter, do you believe that there is sufficient evidence of Brett Kavanaugh lying to Congress that an investigation should begin to determine whether he should be impeached?

Rep. Omar, a traditional politician would respond to this message with generalities designed to avoid answering the simple questions I have posed. I hope your response will be extraordinary: I hope that you respond to these straightforward questions with straightforward responses.

Thank you very much.

Robert Sykora

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One thought on “An open letter to Rep. Ilhan Omar”

  1. Bob,
    Every Republican and Democrat seems to feel the need to say, a week after the election, that they are willing to work with the other side on compromise. We know how that goes. There won’t be any more compromise in this Congress than there was in the last. Watch Mitch McConnell: he is refusing to hold a hearing on legislation to protect the Mueller investigation because “there is no need for that.”

    My two greatest concerns for Ilhan and the rest of her fellow Congresspeople are: ensure that the Mueller investigation continues AND that they and the public get to see the report that he writes, AND that they take whatever actions are necessary based on what he reports (impeachment or otherwise). And, two (okay, I combined three items and called them one), that this Democratic-led Congress accomplishes enough of what their voters sent them there to do so that they can hold the Congress and we can rid ourselves of Trump in 2020. That includes investigating Trump and using their powers of oversight, a responsibility that this Congress has shirked for two years.

    I don’t really care who their leadership is; Pelosi is highly skilled and will fight to keep that position. If there are others who are able to match her skills, I hope they will run and that others will support them. If not, I hope that Pelosi will spend some of her time and energy grooming others to replace her the next time around. The pickins seem kind of slim at the moment, and more important to me is that we can come up with viable candidates for president in 2 years, which will be here before we know it. WE have a lot of work to do!

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