Mail call

Our spirits lifted today when we got mail from people who love us back home. Thanks especially to the Magid Harts, who mailed two!! Real paper mail provides something tangible and comforting and we appreciate it a lot. We like Facebook clicks too, but somehow it’s just not the same.

Wat Ban Cha sunrise


The sun just after seven in the morning as it claws its way through smoggy skies. Not a lot of options to avoid the smoke, really; slash-and-burn agriculture gives people the work they need; no funds are available in small towns for recycling programs, and no trash pickup means that your discarded stuff has to go somewhere …

Enter the Police


My friend Ken and I were studying Thai with our Ajaan. A dapper uniformed man strode rapidly into the courtyard, handed his phone to our Ajaan and wordlessly posed for a picture with the foreigners. He attempted an exit but I stopped him and got this picture too. My old privacy-lawyer spidey sense was tingling! Are they building dossiers on us? Most likely not. Just being friendly.


Cards ‘n letters

Hi Friends — well, we’ve reached the halfway point of our basic training for wooly-headed do-gooders. It isn’t easy! The heat, the time demands, the language learning, the feeling of being an alien beamed in from another galaxy. YOUR CARDS AND LETTERS REALLY HELP!Yes, I am actually referring to paper cards and letters.

If you mail them to the Peace Corps HQ in Bangkok, they will find their way out to the dusty frontier where we’re living during training. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Here’s the address for those who don’t have it:Paul Figlmiller and Bob Sykora, PCTs

U.S. Peace Corps

242 Rajvithi Rd.

Amphur Dusit

Bangkok 10300 THAILAND

Valentine’s Day

Paul and I were able to enjoy Valentines eve and day at my host family’s place. We met a new friend, Nikom. And my family gave  the gift of three roses to me!